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Balance Crane Design

Liftech conceived a new crane concept, the Balance Crane, for unloading containers from large vessels and developed the design in collaboration with crane manufacturer ZPMC, Shanghai, China.  The Balance Crane has reduced wheel loads and tie-down loads compared to a standard ship-to-shore container crane but functions similarly.  The boom is continuous from the landside legs to the boom tip.  The…

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Port of Oakland Crane X437 Demolition Plan

Liftech provided engineering to demolish the articulated boom Crane X437 at Port of Oakland Berth 37, including review of the associated wharf loads Power Engineering Construction Co. used their DB Pacific floating crane, a Liebherr LR1300 crawler crane, and a hydraulic mobile crane.  The crawler and mobile cranes imposed large, localized loads on the wharf structure.  Liftech’s scope included wharf review…

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McLean High-Reach Floating Crane Feasibility Study

McLean Contracting Company needed a high-reach floating crane to install offshore power line supports in Baltimore.  The highest lift was 400 feet above water.  Liftech evaluated the feasibility of retrofitting their 400T Baltimore floating crane with a long jib to perform the lifts. Liftech developed the design criteria, assisted with developing a conceptual jib erection scheme, reviewed crane system strength…

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Treasure Island Ferry Terminal, Treasure Island, San Francisco, California

Liftech provided the structural design of the steel float for a new ferry terminal located at Treasure Island.  The design included the float structure, support and connection to the gangway ramp, guide pile collars to restrain the ramp laterally while permitting vertical motion, access for future battery systems, and berthing, mooring, and access systems compatible with WETA ferry vessels and…

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San Francisco Public Works, Fire Boat Station 35 at Port of San Francisco Piers 22.5 and 24, San Francisco, California

This project was for the design and fabrication of a floating fire station in San Francisco.  Liftech was the lead marine design consultant for this design-build project and designed a steel pier next to The Embarcadero; a steel access ramp between the pier and steel float; a steel float and associated items, such as fender supports and pile collars; and…

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