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Articulated Balance Crane Design

Liftech conceptualized and designed the Articulated Balance Crane (ABC) concept, a design that reduces the weight and wheel loads of ship-to-shore (STS) cranes. Operationally, the ABC functions similar to a conventional STS crane. For stowage, the elongated boom and apex rotate as a unit about hinges near the top of the waterside legs, providing vessel clearance, while the machinery house…

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Truss Boom Crane Design

The client operates terminals at a port in southern China and wanted to procure five new super post-Panamax cranes for a terminal with limited wheel load and tie-down load capacity. ZPMC proposed a truss boom and girder design to reduce wheel loads and tie-down loads. Liftech assisted the client by participating in the conceptualization and design of the upper works structure…

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Ro-Ro Ramp Design, Matson Navigation, Oakland and Hawaii

Matson retained Liftech to design roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) ramps suitable for transporting automobiles and light trucks onto and off ships. Liftech provided analysis, design, and fabrication audit of the ramps, which were fabricated in China. We designed the primary structure, the articulation, structures to support the wheeled dollies, and collaborated with naval architects to design the ship interface structure. The ramps latch…

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Bauxite Unloader Structural Modification

The client operates two unloaders at its facility in South America. One of the unloaders is experiencing chronic fatigue cracking. The unloader was shut down for operation several times for emergency repairs of critical fatigue cracks. The client was concerned with the structural reliability of the unloader, and crack repairs and inspections were disruptive to the operation. The client retained Liftech to provide engineering…

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Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal Expansion

WETA is expanding ferry service dramatically to accommodate a significant increase in ridership during the past several years. Part of this expansion includes increasing the overall size of the WETA Downtown San Francisco terminal, adding two new ferry gates, and refurbishing the float at an existing gate. The additional gates and more spacious terminal will significantly improve capacity and quality of service.