Liftech provides design and analysis services for float structures, including cranes mounted on barges and ships and floats for ferry terminals. Projects include design of the barge support structure for the Left Coast Lifter, a 1,700 t capacity barge supported shear leg derrick; a post-tensioned concrete float for the WETA South San Francisco Ferry Terminal; two steel floats for the WETA Pier 9 layover berths; and a steel float for the WETA Clay Street Ferry Terminal in Oakland.

For the WETA Central Bay Operations & Maintenance Facility in Alameda, we designed a pile-supported pier, gangway, concrete service float with maintenance shed and crane, and system of pile-moored concrete floats with an array of fendering and mooring systems for berthing up to 12 ferry vessels.

For the WETA Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal expansion, we designed the piling, two new steel floats with associated super structures and mooring berthing systems, three new gangways, and refurbishment modifications to the existing float to allow for greater compatibility with other WETA floats and vessels.