Crane Design

We have designed cranes for most of the world’s container crane manufacturers. For Paceco, we developed the original standard A-frame, modified A-frame, low profile quay cranes, and RTG frame structures that have become the industry standard. For Mitsubishi, we provided structural design for the first machinery-on-trolley cranes to meet the strict stiffness criteria of the Port of Singapore Authority. For Paceco, Italimpianti, and Samsung, we designed the then largest low profile cranes. We provided designs of articulated booms for quay cranes in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Most recently, we designed one of the largest container cranes with a 100 ton capacity and have reviewed many of the manufactured DHT40 (dual hoist tandem 40) cranes.

In addition to container cranes, we have worked on the designs of the world’s largest land and water based cranes. See our Heavy Lift page.