Liftech Design Notebook

Engineering solutions and design data.

Outreach and Lift Height Guidelines (PDF)

This document contains outreach and lift height guidelines for crane modifications.

Fatigue Detail Guidelines (PDF)

This document contains a summary of common structural fatigue details, tolerant and intolerant, along with an explanation of relative fatigue life for some common details based on BS 5400, BS 7608, and EN 1993-1-9:2005.

Crane Design Criteria Based on Limited Experience (PDF)

Experience is necessary but it is not sufficient to determine if the risk is acceptable. A structure that has not failed may or may not be on the verge of failure. Unexpected events happen. There is always some risk. Design criteria should be based on industry standard and on acceptable risk.

Bulk Loader Seismic Study (Video)

Liftech performed a time history analysis of seismic forces on an 800 t cement unloader. The video shows the computer model of the unloader on the wharf subject to earthquake forces. Based on results of the analysis, Liftech provided recommendations to improve the seismic performance.

Dockside Ship-to-Shore Cranes: Seismic Risk and Recommended Design Criteria (PDF)

The vulnerability of jumbo cranes to serious seismic damage is much greater than that of smaller cranes. This report presents the issues surrounding current design criteria and Liftech’s suggested criteria.

History of Crane Operator’s Cab Positions (PDF)

A brief history of various operator’s cab positions since 1959, and why design changes occurred.

Liftech Structural Details (PDF)

Liftech’s structural details, showing typical unacceptable details and corresponding recommended acceptable details. These sheets form a standard appendix to Liftech’s specifications.

Container Crane Data (PDF)

Type, capacity, performance, geometry, design crane loads, and design wharf loads of recent container cranes from various manufacturers for various ports.

Crane and Wharf Terms (PDF)

This drawing defines crane and wharf terms.

Crane Operating Terms (PDF)

This drawing defines crane operating terms.