Port Everglades Low Profile Crane Procurement, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Port Everglades (PED) serves vessels up to 22 containers across and 8 high on deck at their Southport terminal with three new 65-LT capacity low profile STS cranes procured from ZPMC China with help from the Liftech team, also including McKay International Engineers, Leader Firm International, and Liftech Shanghai Limited.  At the time of construction, these were the three largest low profile cranes in the world.  PED also operates seven 1990s, 46.5-LT capacity Samsung low profile STS cranes to serve vessels with up to 16 containers across.   

The Liftech team determined parameters for the new cranes, prepared preliminary design of the cranes, and provided engineering services to upgrade the wharf girders and infrastructure.  Liftech provided crane procurement services including developing crane specifications, design review, manufacturing review, and commissioning audit.  Liftech also helped prepare crane purchase contract documents and collaborated closely with PED throughout the project including crane receiving, commissioning, and acceptance at PED.

McKay (now merged with Liftech) provided mechanical and electrical engineering design review, manufacturing audit, and commissioning services. 

Leader Firm, a Shanghai-based inspection agency, provided third-party manufacturing audit services at the ZPMC facilities.  Liftech Shanghai Limited personnel helped coordinate the project with ZPMC and Leader Firm and monitored the manufacturing schedule.  

Some key challenges that Liftech helped resolve included:

(1) crane concept and geometry design for ship, wharf, and aircraft clearance limitations

(2) crane weight, interaction with new wharf girders, and inertial loading for large shifts in crane center of gravity due to shuttling boom

(3) design and fabrication considerations for boom supports design and for boom camber and deflections for aircraft clearance

Port Everglades Department of Broward County
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA