Category: Crane Repair Projects

Bauxite Reclaimer Bridge Chord Repair

The client has a reclaimer that has been operating for over ten years at its facility in South America.  This equipment experienced chronic fatigue cracking in the truss beam upper chord.  After making in-house crack repairs and performing a modification that resulted in further fatigue cracking, the client retained Liftech to evaluate the cracking and to design repairs. Liftech performed…

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Bauxite Unloader Boom Repair

The client operates two bulk unloaders at its facility in South America.  The boom on one unloader buckled due to a snag event, when the grab bucket struck the edge of the vessel opening during operation. Liftech provided engineering services for temporarily securing the damaged unloader, structural concepts and design for boom stabilization, and structural concepts for boom removal and…

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Furnace Crane Bridge Girder Repair

The client has furnace cranes that were in operation from 1984 to 2015 at its facility in South America.  This equipment experienced significant chronic fatigue cracking in the crane bridge girder.  The client retained Liftech to provide engineering services for repairing the fatigue cracks and improving the structural details to help reduce the likelihood of future cracking. Liftech developed a…

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Goliath Crane Repair, Upgrade, and Replacement Study

The owner of a 42-year-old goliath gantry crane planned to improve its functionality and reliability to perform specialized lifts over the next decade. Liftech and McKay International Engineers assessed the existing structural, electrical, and mechanical systems. The structure was reviewed for increased hook loads and current hurricane and seismic design loads.

San Antonio Terminal Paceco Crane Damage Assessment and Repair

Two Paceco cranes operated by San Antonio Terminal Internacional at their San Antonio Terminal in Chile suffered damage when the cranes were struck by departing ships in the aftermath of the February 2010 magnitude 8.8 earthquake. One crane suffered significant damage to the boom and the portal frame. The other crane suffered significant damage to the boom and the trolley.

Freeport Hyundai Crane Damage Assessment and Repair

A tornado damaged six Hyundai monogirder cranes and toppled another. Liftech assessed the damage to the untoppled cranes and assisted with engineering for the repairs. Hyundai Crane 9 suffered severe damage when it collided with Crane 10. The boom detached from the right lower hinge pin, the upper hinge broke off, the forestay apex connection plate bent, and the boom rotated more than 45 degrees.

RTG Equalizer Beam Cracking

Equalizer beam fatigue cracking has occurred in many rubber tire gantry cranes at various locations. The fatigue cracking is caused by a combination of factors including high fatigue stresses, undersirable design details, and poor workmanship. Liftech has been involved in several RTG equalizer beam repairs.

STS Equalizer Beam Cracking

As container cranes become bigger and faster, new types of fatigue problems emerge. Fatigue cracking of pin plates in equalizer beams has occurred in many cranes, made by different manufacturers, at various locations. Liftech has been involved in numerous equalizer beam repairs. We have investigated the cause of the fatigue cracking, performed structural analyses, provided modification concepts, assessed the effectiveness of the modifications, and helped develop new equalizer beam designs.

Repair of Damaged Crane Booms

Container crane booms are frequently damaged due to ship collisions. Liftech has been involved in dozens of repairs and provides all aspects of engineering for repairs. Repairs range from rebuilding damaged sections to stiffening damaged sections to heat straightening damaged locations.