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Justify Larger Crane Girder Capacity

Presented by Erik Soderberg at the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) 2020 Technical Webinar titled “Views and technical challenges for the new generation of ship-to-shore and yard cranes.”

Seismic Response of Large Pile Moored Floating Structures

Pile moored floats are usually not analyzed for seismic motions, since they are often thought to be mostly isolated from ground motions due to the flexibility of the piles and the resistance of the surrounding water. To confirm this assumption for several projects, the authors performed simplified time history analyses on multiple floats to study the effects of water resistance, soil damping, and the gap between the pile and float.

Wharf Upgrade Considerations for Large Low Profile Cranes

This publication presents key considerations for the infrastructure supporting large low profile cranes, including large crane girder and pile capacities, electrical demands, and construction challenges associated with the project, such as phased construction and daily coordination to avoid interruptions to the operations. The focus is on the Port Everglades Department of Broward County new crane girder and wharf upgrade project, which covers about 1 mi (1.6 km) of waterfront.