Category: Cranes: Structural Maintenance

Structural Maintenance of Dockside Container Cranes

The booklet explains the fundamental principles of general yielding, fatigue crack growth, brittle fracture, the concepts of stress intensity and fracture toughness, fatigue design criteria, the statistical basis for fatigue criteria, and the selection of inspection intervals.

Structural Fatigue Happens: Maintain Your Cranes!

Structural maintenance is most efficiently, i.e., cost effectively, achieved through varying inspection intervals for the different crane components, depending on predicted cumulative “damage.” In this sense, cumulative damage refers to fatigue crack growth, not accidental damage.

Predicting and Prolonging the Life of Used Cranes

So you have an older crane that has not undergone regular structural inspection—what are your options? You can do nothing and blindly use the crane, which, as we will explain later, is risky. Or you can assess its condition to find out how much structural life remains. Once you know the condition, you can decide how to best use the crane.