Category: Crane Design Projects

Articulated Balance Crane Design

Liftech conceptualized and designed the Articulated Balance Crane (ABC) concept, a design that reduces the weight and wheel loads of ship-to-shore (STS) cranes. Operationally, the ABC functions similar to a conventional STS crane. For stowage, the elongated boom and apex rotate as a unit about hinges near the top of the waterside legs, providing vessel clearance, while the machinery house…

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Bigge Heavy Lift Cranes

Bigge Power Constructors has built large capacity derrick cranes intended for large scale modular construction of nuclear power plants. Each crane rolls on a circular track. This particular application required a capacity of 4,000 short tons at a radius of 240 feet from the center of rotation, 836 short tons at 640 feet, and 500 short tons at 790 feet.

Truss Boom Crane Design

The client operates terminals at a port in southern China and wanted to procure five new super post-Panamax cranes for a terminal with limited wheel load and tie-down load capacity. ZPMC proposed a truss boom and girder design to reduce wheel loads and tie-down loads. Liftech assisted the client by participating in the conceptualization and design of the upper works structure…

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Sydney Low Profile Crane Procurement

Liftech assisted Sydney International Container Terminals Pty Ltd with structural design and review of four post-Panamax ZPMC low profile shuttle boom cranes for their new container terminal across from an airport in Sydney, Australia.


Liftech participated with APM Terminals to conceptualize and design FastNet, a crane technology that enables STS gantry cranes to work adjacent, instead of alternate, bays of a large container ship. APMT estimates that FastNet can deliver berth productivity of 450 moves an hour.

8,000 t Floating Crane Design Review

ZPMC supplied an 8,000 t double boom shear leg floating crane to Samsung Heavy Industries Company Limited. The crane has 8 main hooks, each with a 1,000 t capacity. The crane is rated for 8,000 t at 82 m from boom heel. Liftech assisted ZPMC with developing the overall concept and layout, and designing various crane structural components.

Port of Singapore Machinery-on-Trolley Crane Design

Liftech worked closely with MHI engineers to optimize the crane weight and structural performance of both the main crane structure and the trolley. The resulting structural design meets all of PSA’s stringent deflection requirements. The boom features a trapezoidal monogirder design with a single forestay.

AmClyde Floating Cranes

AmClyde supplied two semi-submersible vessels with twin revolving derricks of 6,000 t and 7,000 t capacity each. Liftech was part of the AmHoist design team and assisted in designing the crane booms. Reference: AmHoist St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

1,700 t Floating Crane Design Review “Left Coast Lifter”

Liftech provided design assistance and review services to American Bridge/Fluor Enterprises (ABF) for procurement of a shear leg derrick. The derrick is used to erect the major components of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge self-anchored suspension span. The crane with a 100-m boom has 1,700 t capacity at 60 degrees. The crane has two auxiliary hooks with capacities of 100 t and 10 t. The boom is configured to lay down for transport within the USA river system.

POLA Low Profile Crane Conceptual Design

In response to the community’s desire to preserve the marine view, Port of Los Angeles offered to consider low profile cranes for Berths 100–102. Liftech studies indicated that the conventional low profile cranes did not comply with the port’s seismic design standards for the wharves.