Category: Bulk Projects

Business Case Study – Ship Unloader Acquisition

Liftech provided a business case study acquiring a ship unloader for a bulk handling facility in South America. The study included investigating three types of ship unloaders (land-based continuous bucket and grab bucket, and ship-based types), preparing a basis of design document to invite proposals from unloader manufacturers, and providing order-of-magnitude cost estimates.    Liftech also provided a technical report…

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Furnace Crane Bridge Girder Repair

The client has furnace cranes that were in operation from 1984 to 2015 at its facility in South America.  This equipment experienced significant chronic fatigue cracking in the crane bridge girder.  The client retained Liftech to provide engineering services for repairing the fatigue cracks and improving the structural details to help reduce the likelihood of future cracking. Liftech developed a…

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Bauxite Unloader Boom Repair

The client operates two bulk unloaders at its facility in South America.  The boom on one unloader buckled due to a snag event, when the grab bucket struck the edge of the vessel opening during operation. Liftech provided engineering services for temporarily securing the damaged unloader, structural concepts and design for boom stabilization, and structural concepts for boom removal and…

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Bauxite Reclaimer Bridge Chord Repair

The client has a reclaimer that has been operating for over ten years at its facility in South America.  This equipment experienced chronic fatigue cracking in the truss beam upper chord.  After making in-house crack repairs and performing a modification that resulted in further fatigue cracking, the client retained Liftech to evaluate the cracking and to design repairs. Liftech performed…

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Bauxite Unloader Structural Modification

The client operates two unloaders at its facility in South America. One of the unloaders is experiencing chronic fatigue cracking. The unloader was shut down for operation several times for emergency repairs of critical fatigue cracks. The client was concerned with the structural reliability of the unloader, and crack repairs and inspections were disruptive to the operation. The client retained Liftech to provide engineering…

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Bauxite Unloader Study

Two bauxite unloaders of identical design have been operating for over 50 years. The operator wished to continue operations for another 15 years. Liftech analyzed the crane structure to assess the fatigue life for continued operations.

Rio Tinto Alcan Unloader Structure Assessment

The owner of two 40-year-old bauxite unloaders in Quebec, Canada, was evaluating whether to continue operating, to upgrade, or to replace the existing unloaders. As part of the feasibility study, the owner needed a condition assessment of the unloaders by an independent consultant. Liftech performed an on-site visual assessment of the structural condition of the unloaders.

Bauxite Unloader Structural Condition Survey

A bauxite unloader has been operating at a bauxite refinery facility in South America since it was built in 1983. Liftech performed a structural condition survey of the unloader structure and presented significant findings and recommendations in the structural assessment report.

Bauxite Unloader Structural Design Review

Liftech provided structural design review of a bauxite unloader in South America. We reviewed the workmanship of the primary structure, performed finite element analyses, reviewed design drawings, and provided wheel load and stability calculations.