Category: Crane Procurement Projects

Truss Boom Crane Design

The client operates terminals at a port in southern China and wanted to procure five new super post-Panamax cranes for a terminal with limited wheel load and tie-down load capacity. ZPMC proposed a truss boom and girder design to reduce wheel loads and tie-down loads. Liftech assisted the client by participating in the conceptualization and design of the upper works structure…

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Maher Liebherr STS Crane Design Review

Maher Terminals purchased four ship-to-shore cranes from Liebherr. Two of the cranes have a longer outreach and heavier rated load. Liftech provided crane procurement services including a review of the structural design of the cranes and trolleys, as-needed review of the mechanical design, and crane manufacturing audits at Liebherr’s facilities in Killarney, Ireland.

Sydney Low Profile Crane Procurement

Liftech assisted Sydney International Container Terminals Pty Ltd with structural design and review of four post-Panamax ZPMC low profile shuttle boom cranes for their new container terminal across from an airport in Sydney, Australia.

Massport Kocks Crane Modification and Relocation

Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) purchased two Kocks low profile cranes from the Port of Oakland for capacity expansion of their Conley Terminal. The Oakland post-Panamax Kocks cranes were a near-perfect match for the Conley Terminal. Low profile cranes, also known as shuttle boom cranes, are used where overall height is restricted because of aircraft clearance requirements.

Port of Houston Crane Procurement

Port of Houston purchased three dockside container cranes from ZPMC for Bayport Terminal. Liftech provided the technical specifications, reviewed the structural and mechanical designs, and provided fabrication support for the new cranes. We also reviewed the manufacturer’s structural maintenance program. Prior to the purchase of the cranes, Liftech provided a study to estimate the crane wheel load and tie-down forces.

WBCT Crane Structural Design Review

West Basin Container Terminal purchased four dockside container cranes from ZPMC for Berths 100-102 at Port of Los Angeles. Liftech provided the technical specifications, structural design and review assistance, and fabrication support for the new cranes. The design constraints for the new cranes presented a unique challenge. The new crane geometry is similar to that of the existing cranes, but the structure is designed to comply with new seismic criteria, which are more demanding for the crane structure.

TECON Brazil Crane Procurement

TECON Santa Catarina built a new terminal in Itapoá, Brazil, and purchased four ship-to-shore (STS) cranes and eleven rubber tire gantry (RTG) cranes from ZPMC in China. Liftech provided crane procurement services including technical specifications; a review of the structural, mechanical, and electrical design of the cranes; and crane manufacturing audits at ZPMC’s facilities.

Dual Hoist Tandem Lift Crane Procurement

Liftech and McKay International Engineers provide the conceptual design for the mechanism docking the two independent headblocks and for stowing the headblock under the trolley. These cranes have differing designs stemming from our headblock interface concept.