Category: Cranes: Modification and Relocation

Extreme Crane Upgrades

The Panama Canal is being expanded. Jumbo-23 vessels are being constructed. This means larger ship-to-shore cranes will be needed at many terminals. When a crane owner considers his options, he may be concerned that upgrading will not be feasible. However, extreme upgrades are often feasible. This article presents a recent crane upgrade study that included major modifications.

The New Panamax and jumbo ships are coming!

The Panama Canal is being expanded to handle larger ships. This article discusses enlarging existing cranes to handle the larger ships: how much, enlarging methods, conceptual cost and schedule estimates, and other considerations.

Container Crane Recycling: Upgrade and Relocation

With the slowing economy and rising prices of new cranes, renovating existing container handling cranes and bulk handling cranes deserves serious consideration. This paper and presentation presents options and considerations for upgrading and relocating existing cranes.