Category: Cranes: Accidents, Repairs, and Accident Prevention

Crane Accidents: How to Prevent Them

Container crane accidents account for about 35% of port insurance claim costs. This presentation summarizes significant operational, fatigue, wind related, and crane transport related accidents including causes and some prevention methods.

Quay Crane Accidents: Lessons and Mitigation

This presentation discusses a variety of quay crane accidents, focusing on accidents that occur during crane operations, crane securing for storm winds, and crane transport. The presentation includes likely causes of the accidents, repair methods, and recommendations to reduce the probability of these accidents.

On the Mend

Liftech engineers have been mending cranes for over 40 years. A repair must be speedy and cost efficient. This requires experience, creativity, teamwork, and technology. The booklet presents some of Liftech’s projects and an overview of the mending process.

Container Crane Boom Collapse: Cause and Prevention

Two crane boom failures occurred while the booms were being lowered, one in Asia and one in Europe. These failures called attention to recent boom collapse problems; however, this is not a recent problem. Over the years, a number of booms have collapsed and even more came close to collapsing.