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Liftech Statement Responding to Port Equipment Cybersecurity Concerns

There are growing concerns regarding potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities in port equipment, particularly ship-to-shore container handling cranes.  The US announced an Executive Order in February resulting in significant funding for improvements to port cybersecurity and authorizing the US Coast Guard to have a larger role in responding to malicious activity.  Many recent articles focus on concerns that the equipment could be…

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Port Everglades Crane Rail Project Milestone

In March 2023, the Port Everglades crane rail project reached a significant milestone as the last segment of the concrete girders at Berth 30 was completed.  Since 2018, the contractor Moss/Kiewit Joint Venture has completed a total of 10,000 LF of crane girders at Berths 31, 32, 30 Extension, and 30. The first order of three low profile cranes arrived…

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Liftech Develops New Hoist System for STS Cranes

Liftech developed a new STS hoist system design that provides the same functionality as existing systems but without a gearbox, high speed brake and coupling, snag protection, and depending on the configuration, trim-lift-skew system.

Massport Low Profile Cranes Arrive in Boston

Congratulations to the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) on the delivery of three new low profile cranes to the Port of Boston on June 22nd!  At 205 feet tall, two of the cranes are the tallest low profile cranes in the world and will service container ships holding 12,000 to 14,000 TEUs.  Liftech is excited to see Massport and ZPMC’s many…

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Balance Crane, New Concept

Liftech developed a new crane concept, the Balance Crane, with smaller wheel loads and tie-down loads for the stowed condition. For stowage, the crane upper structure rotates about hinged connections at the upper waterside legs. As the boom and the trolley girder between the legs rotate up, the girder backreach, including the machinery house and stowed trolley, lowers but stays…

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New Cranes Arrive at TECON Santa Catarina, Brazil

TECON Santa Catarina is building a new terminal in Itapúa, Brazil, and purchased four ship-to-shore (STS) cranes and eleven rubber tire gantry (RTG) cranes from ZPMC.  The STS cranes are conventional single lift, rope trolley type cranes that were manufactured at ZPMC’s Changxing Island and Jiangyin facilities near Shanghai.  The Liftech team provided crane procurement services to TECON SC, including…

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New Crane Arrives at Dutch Harbor

High winds caused the dockside crane at the APL Dutch Harbor terminal in Alaska to collapse in December 2009 and a replacement crane was required. The best option for APL was to modify and transport a late 1980’s vintage MES post-Panamax crane with articulating boom from APL’s Kaohsiung, Taiwan, terminal to Dutch Harbor.  The wharf was also modified to suit…

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1,700 ton Floating Crane Arrives for San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction

Liftech provided design assistance and review services to American Bridge/Fluor Enterprises for procurement of the shear leg derrick that arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area on March 12, 2009. Fabricated at ZPMC in China, the derrick will be used to erect the major components of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge self-anchored suspension span. The crane equipment will be responsible…

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