Crane Assessment, Maintenance, & Modification

We help clients by assessing crane equipment and providing recommendations for maintenance, modification, or purchase. Our services include condition surveys, useful life assessment, reliability studies, structural maintenance and inspection programs, repair procedures for defects discovered during inspections, and modification design. We design modifications for improving reliability, increasing the lift height, extending the outreach or backreach, increasing the capacity, changing the rail span, improving seismic performance, and others. We design jacking systems used to raise cranes while dramatically decreasing the out-of-service time for the crane.

Liftech helps clients resolve persistent maintenance and reliability issues through improved designs and modifications of existing equipment. Using a combination of experience, analysis, testing, and known good designs, we can help identify the root cause of failures and design practical modifications to reduce or eliminate causes of downtime and ease maintenance burdens. 

Crane Assessment

Crane Maintenance

Crane Modification