Liftech Analysis Suite 7.0

Introducing Liftech Analysis Suite (LAS), a group of state-of-the-art programs you can use to analyze and design container cranes and other complex frame structures.

CraneView, an integral part of LAS, can plot, check, and change geometry in 2D and 3D with the click of a button. Graphics and other information produced by CraneView can be easily clipped into other active programs.

STRESS, an LAS post-processor, checks the stresses for each member by automatically finding and combining the controlling moving loads, angled wind, and reversing lateral loads.

LAS features a consistent and intuitive user interface. All Windows editing features, such as copy and paste, can be used to transfer data between LAS and other programs.

LAS is flexible because it is based on text files. We can easily integrate LAS programs to your current structural analysis system and equation solver. We can also add additional pre- and post-processors to your version of LAS to suit your needs.

LAS is in 32-bit Windows.

For more information about LAS, please download this PDF file.