ZPMC Crane Raise and Boom Extension, Modern Terminals Limited, Hong Kong

Modern Terminals Limited planned to increase the lift height of four 2005 ZPMC STS container cranes from 42.5 m to 48 m.  They planned to increase the booms of three cranes from an outreach of 62.5 m to 65 m, and one crane from 62.5 m to 63 m.  This work is to accommodate larger vessels calling at their terminal in Kwai Chung.

Liftech provided pre-award structural engineering services including preparing technical specifications, analyzing the structure, calculating wheel and tie-down loads, preparing modification concept drawings, and reviewing technical aspects of the tender documents.

Post-award services included:

  • Reviewing the contractor’s design documents and fabrication drawings
  • Performing independent finite element analysis and design review of the crane structure integrity for the raise and boom extension scheme
  • Analyzing the structural adequacy of the jacking system and reviewing the jacking procedure  
  • Reviewing the design and providing design assistance for the boom extension platform
  • Providing construction support and fabrication review

Modern Terminals Limited
Hong Kong