Massport Kocks Crane Modification and Relocation

Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) purchased two Kocks low profile cranes from the Port of Oakland for capacity expansion of their Conley Terminal. The Oakland post-Panamax Kocks cranes were a near-perfect match for the Conley Terminal.

Low profile cranes, also known as shuttle boom cranes, are used where overall height is restricted because of aircraft clearance requirements. Because of their unique nature and limited demand, the cost of new low profile cranes is about 50% more than for a typical quay crane. Reuse of an existing crane is more attractive.

Liftech surveyed the condition of the cranes before the purchase and developed construction documents for modification and transport of the cranes from the Port of Oakland to Massport. We also provided bid review assistance and construction support services.

Structural modifications required for the Massport location were limited to minimal frame strengthening for higher storm winds, addition of a boom latch, installation of an 11.5” riser at the landside equalizer system, gantry bumper modifications, and gantry stowage pin modifications.

Liftech provided the procurement services to the Port of Oakland for the original Kocks crane purchase and assisted with the structural design of the cranes.

Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, Inc.
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA