Crane Procurement – Long Beach Container Terminal, Automated Stacking Cranes (Yard RMG Crane) Intermodal Yard Cranes (Wide Span RMG Crane)

LBCT purchased up to 70 ASCs and 5 IYCs from ZPMC. The cranes have the following features:

ASC: 9-wide, 10-wide, and 11-wide; 1-over-6 lift
IYC: Rotating trolley; Curved rail operations

Liftech provided crane technical specifications, structural design assistance and design review, and limited fabrication review services. We also reviewed the trolley structures.

The IYC has two hinged legs and two rigid legs and is designed for high seismic requirements in Long Beach, California. Liftech also assisted LBCT by working with ZPMC to improve the IYC main trolley design.

Long Beach Container Terminal
Long Beach, California, USA