Category: Crane Modification Projects

DP World Vancouver Crane Modification

To accommodate larger vessels, DP World Vancouver raised two MGM dockside container cranes 20’ (6.1 m) and extended the booms 14’ (4.3 m). Liftech provided the crane modification design including new leg inserts, boom girder inserts and bracing, forestay inserts, boom hoist modifications, knee bracing, and stairs and walkways.

SSA Mexico Paceco Crane Gage Change and Relocation

SSA Mexico relocated a 50’ gage Paceco crane from the Port of Long Beach, California, to Manzanillo, Mexico. The crane was built around 1980 and was raised in the late 1980s. Liftech provided engineering to change the gage from 50’ to 55’ and for the associated rigging work. The frame was strengthened for higher wind loads, and new stowage brackets and tie-downs were added.

Hitachi Crane Modification and Relocation

Horizon Lines and Matson Navigation purchased three Hitachi cranes located in Los Angeles, California, for relocation to Guam. The cranes were upgraded and strengthened for typhoon winds. Upgrades included a lift height increase of 8 feet, new drives and controls, diesel power, and new tie-downs.

Darwin Crane Modification and Relocation

In response to Darwin Port Corporation’s decision to relocate a 1980’s IHI crane to a wharf with a different rail gage, Liftech designed a scheme to change the crane’s gauge from 19.8 m to 25.3 m. The scheme involved extending the existing portal beams by five meters on the land side, relocating the landside legs, and removing the elevator track below the portal beam.

Long Beach Container Terminal Crane Modification

Long Beach Container Terminal wanted to raise five IHI dockside cranes and extend the outreach to accommodate larger vessels. Liftech provided the design of the modifications to Bickerton Iron Works to raise the 1980’s container cranes by 10 feet and extend the boom 10 feet. Two years later, Liftech provided the design to raise the cranes an additional 20 feet for a total of 30 feet lift height increase.

CentrePort New Zealand Crane Raise

CentrePort needed to raise their cranes to meet increasing vessel sizes. Liftech provided a feasibility study for different raise heights and a design of the modifications to raise two 1970 Vickers Hoskins-Paceco container cranes by 6 meters (20 feet). Liftech also designed a jacking frame for the contractor that allowed them to raise the cranes in less than a week.

APL Crane Modifications and Relocation, Seattle to Panama

APL needed two quay cranes quickly for their operation in Colon, Panama. Liftech helped them convert one crane and transfer both. The Paceco crane on the left in the picture above began life in 1982 at the Port of Oakland on 100’ gage rails. Several years later, it was moved to Seattle. In 1994, Liftech designed a scheme to modify and move the crane to its current location in Panama.

Keelung Crane Refurbishment

When it became possible for shipping lines to economically avoid the Panama Canal, ship size increased from 13 containers wide to 17 containers wide. Ships could carry thirty to forty percent more containers. The pictured Mitsui Panamax crane was converted to post-Panamax configuration.

Revolver Crane Review

Liftech has been involved in review and modification of several revolver cranes. Our revolver crane work includes: • Conversion of an IHI revolver crane from shore power to diesel power and relocation to another location