APL MES Crane Modification and Relocation

MES APL Dutch Harbor Modification & Relocation. Before modification (top right); after modification (bottom right).

APL modified and relocated a late 1980’s MES post-Panamax crane with articulating boom from their Kaohsiung, Taiwan, terminal to their Dutch Harbor, Alaska, terminal.

Liftech provided the structural design for modification and relocation of the crane and reviewed the contractor’s work. Crane modifications included changing the gage from 80 ft to 50 ft, adding ballast at waterside, modifying the tie-downs, and strengthening the crane structure to suit the conditions at Dutch Harbor.

Liftech also provided structural design for wharf modifications to accommodate the modified crane. Wharf upgrades included new stowage hardware, strengthening and replacing two crane stops, and modifying and replacing tie-down hardware.

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