APL Crane Modifications and Relocation, Seattle to Panama

APL needed two quay cranes quickly for their operation in Colon, Panama. Liftech helped them convert one crane and transfer both. The Paceco crane on the left in the picture above began life in 1982 at the Port of Oakland on 100’ gage rails. Several years later, it was moved to Seattle. In 1994, Liftech designed a scheme to modify and move the crane to its current location in Panama.

The 100’ gage was reduced to Panama’s 75’ gage by moving the lower landside legs toward the waterside. The overall depth of the portal beam was deepened from 4’ to 8’ with an inverted cap.

The increased depth provided the required strength to transfer the load from the upper legs to the lower legs.

No major structural work was required above the portal beam. Thirty-six tons of new steel were added to modify the Paceco crane.

The modified crane was moved, along with a modified Star crane and two RTGs, to their new home in Panama. Liftech designed the seafastening and voyage bracing for both cranes for Bickerton Iron Works.

Oakland, California, USA