Bigge Heavy Lift Cranes

Bigge Power Constructors built large capacity derrick cranes intended for large scale modular construction of nuclear power plants.

Each crane rolls on a circular track. This particular application required a capacity of 4,000 short tons at a radius of 240 feet from the center of rotation, 836 short tons at 640 feet, and 500 short tons at 790 feet. This layout allows the crane to reach multiple locations within a plant, eliminating the need to relocate the crane during the project’s construction.

Liftech assisted Bigge’s engineering team with the design of the boom, mast, and carriage assemblies of the new cranes, and structural analysis of part of the crane assembly. Liftech also provided peer review and engineering support for some other aspects of the project.

Bigge Power Constructors
San Leandro, California, USA