Category: Crane Design Projects

VPA Elevating Girder Crane Design

Liftech worked with VIT and ZPMC engineers to develop the elevating girder crane design. The upper works (including the trolley girder, boom, trolley girder support beams, A-frame, apex beam, and stays) may be hoisted to any of five preset elevations to reduce hoisting time to suit ship sizes. Liftech provided full procurement services for the project.

Port Everglades Low Profile Crane Design

Four post-Panamax cranes were designed to meet specific requirements of Port Everglades, including strict aircraft clearance requirements and efficient structures to withstand hurricane winds. The inclined landside leg significantly reduced the weight. An improved adjustable boom hanger system increased reliability and enhanced boom travel performance.

Massport Low Profile Crane Design

Liftech provided the conceptual and final structural design and detail drawings for two post-Panamax low profile container cranes. The inclined landside leg significantly reduced the overall weight, reduced the wheel loads, and allowed for a lightweight boom.

Kaohsiung Post-Panamax Articulated Boom Cranes

Hanjin Heavy Industries provided three cranes for Hanjin Shipping’s new terminal in Kaohsiung. The cranes have an outreach of 52 m (170’-6”) and a rated load of 40.6 t (40 LT). Due to the nearby airport, the height at the terminal is restricted to 70.35 m (230’-10”).

4,000 t Floating Crane Design Review, Guangdong Salvage Bureau, China

Liftech provided structural design assistance and review services to ZPMC and assisted them in developing the overall concept and layout arrangement. Liftech also provided preliminary design of the boom tip and typical details of the boom structure, checked member sizes, reviewed design drawings of typical details, and provided suggestions for improvement.

Price Systems Log Boom Crane

Liftech provided structural analysis and design for various rotating log boom cranes. The latest was for a 170-foot, 45-ton crane in Valliant, Oklahoma. Liftech also designed and prepared drawings for cranes with radii of 125 feet and 155 feet and capacities ranging from 25 tons to 60 tons. The grapples are either at a fixed radius or mounted on a moving trolley.

MES Barge Crane for Matson with Rotating Boom and Headblock

Liftech helped design this Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. barge crane with a rotating boom and headblock for Matson. The headblock hangs from a rotating hoist platform. During normal operations, when the boom rotates, the headblock rotates relative to the boom so that the headblock does not rotate relative to the vessel.

Giant Specialty Derrick Cranes

With a lifting capacity of 660 tons, the Columbia Giant meets the safety requirements for the Atomic Energy Commission heavy lifting projects. The derrick sits on a steel grillage on an existing dock so it can be slid out of the way when not in use. The pipe compression struts are above grade and can be disassembled. The boom and poles can be removed or reused for other derrick or gin pole applications.