TRP ZPMC Crane Boom Extension

Terminales Rio de la Plata S.A. purchased two ZPMC cranes in 2005 and 2007 for their Buenos Aires terminal. The cranes, with 65 LT capacity, 18.5 m rail span, and 36-m lift height, had a 45-m outreach. Liftech provided engineering services to TRP to extend the outreach by 6 m to 51 m.

Liftech initially provided a study, which verified that the calculated wheel loads for the crane with boom extension were within the allowable values, and the modified cranes met the specified stability requirements.

Liftech designed the 6-m boom girder inserts between the inner and outer forestays and designed the forestay modifications and crane structural reinforcing. The cranes were rolled back from the rails and the booms were lowered for the modifications.

McKay International Engineers, Liftech’s subconsultant, provided engineering services for mechanical and electrical modifications.

Liftech also provided tender evaluation services, reviewed the contractor’s scheme, reviewed workmanship, and provided an on-site engineer to audit the contractor’s work.

Terminales Rio de la Plata S.A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina