MES Barge Crane for Matson with Rotating Boom and Headblock

Crane on barge elevated runway (top left); headblock parallel to runway (top right); headblock rotated for maintenance. The other crane in the foreground is a typical crane. (bottom)

Liftech helped design this Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. barge crane with a rotating boom and headblock for Matson.

The headblock hangs from a rotating hoist platform. During normal operations, when the boom rotates, the headblock rotates relative to the boom so that the headblock does not rotate relative to the vessel.

The crane is on a runway on a barge and resists significant voyage forces.

Liftech also reviewed the runway design.

Over the years, we designed modifications to the crane structure for increased lift height and provided a structural maintenance program.

Matson Navigation Company
Oakland, California, USA