OMG Italy STS Crane Design Review

La Spezia Container Terminal in Italy ordered two ship-to-shore cranes from Officine Meccaniche Galileo SRL (OMG) with 60 tonne capacity and the ability to service 23-wide vessels.  The existing wharf with 18 m rail gage has limited wheel load capacity, and crane stability is a challenge due to the large outreach and narrow gage.  OMG retained Liftech to provide conceptual structural design services for the new cranes.

Liftech provided a basic structural design and a wheel load study to comply with the stability and wheel load constraints.  OMG developed the detailed crane design based on Liftech’s design.  Liftech performed an independent structural analysis of the crane structure based on the OMG drawings and reviewed the OMG structural drawings.

Officine Meccaniche Galileo SRL