LBCT Crane Procurement—Dual Trolley, Tandem Hoist Cranes

LBCT purchased up to 14 STS cranes from ZPMC. The cranes have the following features:

  • Dual hoist tandem, 130 t capacity manned primary trolley
  • Single hoist 66 t capacity fully automated secondary trolley
  • Complies with POLB seismic design requirements

Liftech provided crane technical specifications, structural design assistance and design review, and limited transportation and fabrication review services. We also reviewed the primary and secondary trolleys.

We used dynamic time-history analyses and ground motion records provided by LBCT to review the structural design. We used a simplified model of the wharf to approximate the wharf-crane interaction during the design seismic events.

We also helped ZPMC design for increased tolerance in the placement of the secondary trolley rails due to difficulties in fabrication.

Long Beach Container Terminal
Long Beach, California, USA