Manzanillo International Terminal Crane Raises, Republic of Panama

Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT) hired Global Rigging and Transport (GRT) to increase the lift height of eight ZPMC ship-to-shore (STS) cranes located in Panama, and potentially for other terminals in Mexico and Chile. 

Liftech provided design review for structural modifications to increase the lift height of two STS crane designs. 

Earlier, Liftech assisted MIT with the initial procurement of these cranes, including providing technical specifications and structural design review.

MIT decided to build their own jacking system for the raise contractors to use during the crane raise construction. 

Liftech worked with GRT to design the jacking frame and connections to the existing crane structures.  The jacking frame is designed to raise a 1,650-t upper structure approximately 20 m.  The system design considered the size and configuration of several STS crane designs being considered for raises.

Liftech also reviewed the crane raise procedures and jacking frame erection/relocation methods.

Manzanillo International Terminal
Colon Free Zone
Republic of Panama