Maher ZPMC Crane Raise, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Maher Terminals planned to increase the lift height of their 2006 ZPMC STS cranes from 120 ft to 165 ft (36.6 m to 50.3 m), an increase of 45 ft (13.7 m), to accommodate larger vessels calling at their Elizabeth, New Jersey, terminal.

Liftech helped Maher by providing structural engineering services including reviewing wheel loads and stability, preparing structural and general portions of the crane raise specifications, reviewing the combined crane and jacking system structure for the raise, evaluating the gantry structure, preparing structural conceptual modification design drawings, and reviewing fabrication in China and installation in New Jersey.

McKay International Engineers, as a subconsultant to Liftech, evaluated selected crane mechanical systems and assisted with preparing the mechanical portion of the crane raise specifications.

Maher Terminals, LLC
Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA