Port of Oakland Crane Repair

On February 7, 1997, a ship struck a Krupp crane at the Port of Oakland. The bow hit one of the waterside legs just above the portal beam, about 45’ above the rail. The impact pushed the waterside legs 35” to the right and 30” toward the land. Because the wheels remained on the rail, the sill beams at the waterside and landside partially separated from the equalizer beams.

Liftech helped the port temporarily secure the crane, then reposition and repair the damage. The crane was secured by installing posts at two corners and a crib pile under the sill beam near one corner.

The crane was repositioned by lifting the waterside legs with a mobile crane, jacking up the landside legs, and jacking the landside horizontally until it could be placed back down on the equalizer assemblies. Replacing the buckled plates in the area of ship impact repaired the damaged leg.

The crane was recommissioned one week after the accident.

Port of Oakland
Oakland, California, USA