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Liftech Consultants Inc. and McKay International Engineers are Merging

Liftech Consultants Inc. and McKay International Engineers are excited to announce the merger of our industry-leading engineering and project management expertise in the maritime and material handling sectors.  After 52 years of working closely together on hundreds of projects, McKay and Liftech have formally merged our companies to serve our clients’ structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering needs as a single entity,…

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Fatigue Cracks on Container Cranes

Liftech is the pioneer of structural maintenance programs for container cranes and has been advocating the importance of performing structural maintenance for decades. Simo Hoite and Mike Jordan of Liftech Consultants Inc. worked with other Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) members to develop a new PEMA information paper on the structural examination of container handling cranes. Published February 10, 2016,…

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High Performance Pile Connections

A damaged pier at McNears Beach Park in Marin, California, was repaired by replacing portions with new structure.  The new structure was designed to meet current seismic design criteria.  This required a high performance pile-to-pile cap connection.   The high performance connection was designed using a fiber reinforced bearing pad, isolating the sides of the embedded pile, and unbonding the dowels…

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