Fatigue Cracks on Container Cranes

PEMA IP09 Practical Structural Examination in Ports and Terminals_001_1.5

Liftech is the pioneer of structural maintenance programs for container cranes and has been advocating the importance of performing structural maintenance for decades. Simo Hoite and Mike Jordan of Liftech Consultants Inc. worked with other Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) members to develop a new PEMA information paper on the structural examination of container handling cranes. Published February 10, 2016, the paper highlights the danger of fatigue cracks on container cranes and provides practical advice for locating these cracks.

PEMA explains, “The paper is designed to increase understanding of the risks posed by fatigue failure, highlight the importance of structural examination and [provide] practical guidance to help terminal personnel to detect cracks through visual examination of ship-to-shore (STS), rail mounted gantry (RMG) and rubber tyred gantry (RTG) container handling cranes. The paper states that, while visual examination by non-specialists is better than doing nothing, this should not replace following a proper inspection programme by the crane maker or a trained professional.”

Other contributors to the paper were: Hannu Oja of Konecranes, David Moosbrugger of Kunz, Theo Scheijven and Walter Oostwouder of APM Terminals, and Michael Thanner and James Scanlon of Liebherr Container Cranes.

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