4,000 t Ship-Mounted Crane

news_4000tZPMC successfully load-tested their 4,000 t ship-mounted revolver crane in November 2006. The rating of the crane, with a 105 m boom length, varies from 4,000 t at a 40 m radius to 600 t at a 85 m radius. Liftech collaborated with ZPMC to design the crane. Liftech also collaborated with ZPMC to design their 7,000 t ship-mounted crane, currently under construction. The crane, with a 115 m boom length, is rated for 7,000 t at a 40 m radius.

Liftech is currently assisting American Bridge Fluor JV with their purchase of a 1,700 t capacity barge-mounted shear leg derrick. The derrick, to be used in erecting the suspension span of the new San Francisco Bay Bridge, will be supplied by ZPMC.