Port Everglades Crane Rail Project Milestone

In March 2023, the Port Everglades crane rail project reached a significant milestone as the last segment of the concrete girders at Berth 30 was completed.  Since 2018, the contractor Moss/Kiewit Joint Venture has completed a total of 10,000 LF of crane girders at Berths 31, 32, 30 Extension, and 30.

The first order of three low profile cranes arrived in November 2020.  The cranes have been in operation at Berths 31 and 32 serving vessels such as MSC Emma that handle 22-container wide ships.  

Moss/Kiewit is currently installing DIN A150 crane rails and crane stowage hardware at Berth 30 to be ready in October 2023 for the arrival of the second order of three new low profile cranes.  When complete, Port Everglades will have a total of six berths at Southport Terminal serving container vessels with six new ZPMC low profile cranes and seven earlier generation Samsung low profile cranes.  

The seven Samsung cranes are scheduled to be refurbished starting later in the year and finished by early 2027 including replacing the DC drives, motors, and controls with AC equipment, increasing the rated load, modernizing mechanical/electrical systems, reinforcing of the structure for the current wind codes, and applying new coating systems.

The addition of six new low profile cranes and refurbishment of seven existing cranes will bring increased capacity, versatile handling capabilities, enhanced efficiency, improved safety, cost savings, and a competitive advantage, all of which contribute to the port’s growth and success in the global trade landscape.

PED Port Everglades new concrete crane rail wharf aerial view Florida

Port Everglades New Turning Notch, Florida

Photograph Courtesy of Moss-Kiewit Joint Venture