Category: Bulk Projects

Bauxite Unloader Study

Two bauxite unloaders of identical design have been operating for over 50 years. The operator wished to continue operations for another 15 years. Liftech analyzed the crane structure to assess the fatigue life for continued operations.

Rio Tinto Alcan Unloader Structure Assessment

The owner of two 40-year-old bauxite unloaders in Quebec, Canada, was evaluating whether to continue operating, to upgrade, or to replace the existing unloaders. As part of the feasibility study, the owner needed a condition assessment of the unloaders by an independent consultant. Liftech performed an on-site visual assessment of the structural condition of the unloaders.

Torque Unloader Structural Condition Survey

A Paceco Torque unloader, DM-11, has been operating at a bauxite refinery facility in Brazil since it was built in 1983. Liftech performed a structural condition survey of the unloader structure and presented significant findings and recommendations in the structural assessment report.

IMPSA Unloader Structural Design Review

Liftech provided structural design review of an IMPSA unloader in Brazil. We reviewed the workmanship of the primary structure, performed finite element analyses, reviewed design drawings, and provided wheel load and stability calculations.

Coal Loader Crane Assembly and Transportation

The crane was designed by Krupp, built in Malaysia, and shipped in pieces to Los Angeles. Bickerton Iron Works was responsible for assembling the crane and transporting it from the assembly site to the LAXT terminal. Liftech provided engineering assistance for the assembly of the crane and devised a scheme to connect two barges and roll the crane onto them.

Unloader Seismic Study, Sacramento, California

Liftech performed a seismic response study of a ship unloader on a stiff wharf structure and a flexible wharf structure. The study included a finite element time history analysis and a pushover analysis for three design Operating Level Earthquakes and three Contingency Level Earthquakes used for design by a port on the West Coast of the United States.