Anna’s Gingerbread Crane

Liftech structural engineer Anna Dix spent part of her holiday making a gingerbread crane.  It is modeled after the ZPMC low profile container cranes she worked on that were recently delivered to Port Everglades in Florida (see Liftech’s related News post here:  In real life, they are the largest ever of this type of crane.  The boom on this model is 22 inches long, and the frame is 10 inches tall.  It took 4 days to complete.  This is what she does with her ‘me-time.’

Additional information of interest:

1.     It is 100% edible, though the gingerbread is very hard.  It has no leavening, and the dough is very dry, which helps retain the shape, size, and integrity as it bakes.  The only moisture in the icing is egg white.  It is also very hard once it dries.  There are no oil-based ingredients because they would absorb into the gingerbread and soften it over time.

2.     The boom is composed of 4 panels, each about 22 inches long.  Anna had to customize a shelf in the oven to bake it.

3.     Cutting out all the pieces in the boom took 2 hours, a sharp knife, and a 2-foot straight edge.

4.     Anna built jigs to hold the frame and the boom together while the icing developed its strength.  She used string, water glasses, mini “quick-grip” clamps, and a couple of other household items.