Oakland’s Love Affair

Oakland’s unique crane-lined horizon on the east side of the San Francisco Bay has become a part of our cultural identity. Oakland loves its container cranes. This love is reflected in our art, our business logos, and even our clothing. See the links below.

Mazzarello Media & Arts

Urban Legend Cellars

Beast Oakland
Café Press

According to local urban legend, the container cranes at the Port of Oakland inspired George Lucas, a bay area native, to create his Star Wars vehicle, the “All Terrain Armored Transport” or “AT-AT” for short.

Unfortunately, this legend was debunked in an interview with Lucas by the SF Chronicle, where Lucas said that this is just a myth.

SF Gate

While we can’t take credit for any of the creative designs used above or endorse any of the products specifically, we love having our cranes be a part of Oakland’s culture. We love them too!