Tais Shiratsubaki Volunteers at Engineers Alliance for the Arts

Liftech engineers have volunteered for several years at local Bay Area schools as part of the Engineers Alliance for the Arts (EAA) Student Impact Project.  This project involves visiting classrooms to teach students about basic engineering mechanics and design considerations for bridges.

Tais Shiratsubaki

Liftech Project Engineer Tais Shiratsubaki volunteered at the Nea Community Learning Center in Alameda for the 2019 EAA Student Impact Project.  The students designed a bridge from foam board, strings, glue, pins, and clips, and then load tested the bridge with one or two bricks at the center of the span.

Tais commented that “The EAA Student Impact Project is a great opportunity to contribute to our local community and to introduce students to the structural engineering profession and its role in society.  We teach students principles of structural engineering and assist them with the design and construction of model bridges, while encouraging them to use problem solving, team building, and creativity.  This allows them to experience firsthand the relationship between art, architecture, engineering, and construction.  At the end of the ten-week program the students can present their project and hone their written and oral skills.

As volunteer instructors, structural engineers and design professionals can also use this opportunity to encourage students to consider an engineering career.”

To read more about the program, visit EAA’s website: EAA Website