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Dual Hoist Tandem Lift Crane Procurement

Liftech and McKay International Engineers provide the conceptual design for the mechanism docking the two independent headblocks and for stowing the headblock under the trolley. These cranes have differing designs stemming from our headblock interface concept.

YICT Tandem Lift Crane Procurement

Liftech provided procurement services to assist YICT purchase 30 dual hoist, tandem lift cranes for their mega-terminal in Shenzhen, China. The services included preparing specifications, reviewing the crane design, and reviewing manufacturing and commissioning. Reference: Yantian International Container Terminals Limited Shenzhen, China

VPA PMT Truss Boom Dockside Crane Procurement

Virginia Port Authority (VPA) needed three new cranes for their Portsmouth Marine Terminal. The wharf, with a 50’ rail gage, had limited capacity for supporting gantry cranes of the desired size and capacity. To minimize the wheel load at the waterside rail, Liftech provided engineering services to VPA to assist ZPMC design the cranes with light-weight truss booms.

DP World Vancouver Crane Modification

To accommodate larger vessels, DP World Vancouver raised two MGM dockside container cranes 20’ (6.1 m) and extended the booms 14’ (4.3 m). Liftech provided the crane modification design including new leg inserts, boom girder inserts and bracing, forestay inserts, boom hoist modifications, knee bracing, and stairs and walkways.

SSA Mexico Paceco Crane Gage Change and Relocation

SSA Mexico relocated a 50’ gage Paceco crane from the Port of Long Beach, California, to Manzanillo, Mexico. The crane was built around 1980 and was raised in the late 1980s. Liftech provided engineering to change the gage from 50’ to 55’ and for the associated rigging work. The frame was strengthened for higher wind loads, and new stowage brackets and tie-downs were added.

Port of Singapore Crane Procurement

Port of Singapore Authority purchased twelve cranes from ZPMC. The cranes have a mono-girder trapezoidal boom and machinery-on-trolley. The cranes were designed to meet the port’s deflection requirements. Liftech provided ZPMC structural design assistance and review services for the cranes. Reference: ZPMC Shanghai, China

Port of Long Beach Crane Procurement

Port of Long Beach purchased fourteen new ZPMC cranes for its Pier T facility. The port retained McKay International Engineers and Liftech Consultants Inc. to provide full procurement services. Liftech co-authored the technical specifications, reviewed the structural design, and helped resolve difficult structural design issues. Liftech also audited the structural fabrication and the seafastening installation in China.

Hitachi Crane Modification and Relocation

Horizon Lines and Matson Navigation purchased three Hitachi cranes located in Los Angeles, California, for relocation to Guam. The cranes were upgraded and strengthened for typhoon winds. Upgrades included a lift height increase of 8 feet, new drives and controls, diesel power, and new tie-downs.

YICT Crane Structural Maintenance

YICT operates three Mitsubishi, three ZPMC, seven Mitsui, and two Hyundai cranes at their Yantian terminal facility. The cranes had not previously been inspected using NDT techniques such as MT or UT. Liftech performed a useful life assessment, developed a comprehensive structural maintenance program, and prepared NDT inspection manuals.