San Antonio Terminal Paceco Crane Damage Assessment and Repair

Two Paceco cranes operated by San Antonio Terminal Internacional at their San Antonio Terminal in Chile suffered damage when the cranes were struck by departing ships in the aftermath of the February 2010 magnitude 8.8 earthquake.

One crane suffered significant damage to the boom and the portal frame. The other crane suffered significant damage to the boom and the trolley. The port was concerned with the structural integrity of the cranes and that the damaged cranes would cause long-term interruption to the port’s operation.

Within days of the earthquake, Liftech sent a structural engineer to the site to assess the crane damage. We provided a damage assessment report, which allowed the port to evaluate whether to replace or repair the cranes. The port decided to repair the cranes since repairs would be completed within a few months and at a fraction of the cost of buying new cranes.

We worked with the contractor to develop the repair concepts, including an innovative frame straightening concept and a strongback system to support the damaged legs and portal beams. We provided design drawings for the frame straightening and the frame and boom repair.

San Antonio Terminal Internacional
San Antonio, Chile