Moffett Field Hangar, Access Shoring Tower System, Mountain View, California

Liftech designed an access shoring tower system and strand jack assembling system.  The access system is 80 feet x 80 feet x 130 feet tall.  It is designed to shore and jack the hangar roof from its deck and facilitate access to the roof with an array of equipment on its deck including lifts and cranes.  It is designed for asymmetric shoring, can resist large lateral loads, and can tip onto one side in an earthquake.

It has an overhead crane mounted under its upper deck, a construction elevator, ladders, and stairs.  It is moved on steel rollers on channel tracks.

Lightweight pipe shores with adjustable bases were attached to the deck to shore the hangar roof during the repair work. 

The access system was assembled in three parts using a strand jack tower assembling system consisting of a T‑frame and diagonal high strength rods connected to brackets anchored into the hangar concrete wall. 

Power Engineering Construction Company
Alameda, California, USA