Justify Higher Wharf Capacity by Load Test, Port of Richmond

The Port of Richmond wanted to know if their 60-plus year old wharf at Pt. Potrero Terminal could service break-bulk cargoes and support 40,000 lb double axle wheel loads.

At Berth 7, the wharf surface and some of the wood piles had deteriorated from lack of maintenance. Conventional analysis could not justify supporting the desired wheel loads.

Liftech developed a test program in accordance with ACI procedures to determine the wharf deck capacity.

The test consisted of a loaded chassis pulled by a tractor. The chassis had a 52,000 lb double axle load. Wharf deck deflection was monitored to ensure no permanent deformation. The test results indicated that the Berth 7 wharf deck could safely support 40,000 lb double axle wheel loads.

Port of Richmond
Richmond, California, USA