Liftech Volunteers at Rebuilding Together Oakland

Liftech volunteers at Rebuilding Together Oakland

Liftech feels strongly about giving back to the community. We recently had a perfect opportunity when several Liftech employees participated in a Rebuilding Together Oakland (RTO) project on their National Rebuilding Day. The RTO website explains their mission: We build community partnerships to rejuvenate neighborhoods through the rehabilitation of homes owned by low-income homeowners and non-profit facilities that serve low-income communities. The work of volunteers ensures the safety, comfort and independence of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and disabled, and that our communities in need have safe and pleasant facilities where they can learn, play and come together.

We partnered with Schafer Construction and were assigned to a house in Oakland where the upgrades needed were mostly exterior including rebuilding a deck, repairing a fence, and general yard clean up. We considered this a good “hands-on” experience to better understand the design process.

Volunteering for RTO is particularly rewarding because at the end of a hard day of work, you see the direct results of your effort. We were fortunate to participate on an experienced team that delivered professional level work to a satisfied homeowner.

Please visit the Rebuilding Together Oakland website to learn more: RTO Website