Liftech Crane Cruise

On the morning of Flag Day, June 14, 2002, Liftech invited local clients, consultants, and friends to take a cruise on the Bay. Once aboard the San Francisco Spirit, the passengers toured the Port of Oakland and witnessed four ZPMC cranes cross under the Bay Bridge.

Boarding the boat:

boarding1-225x225 boarding2-225x225

Cranes cross under the Bay Bridge:

crossing0-225x225 crossing1-225x225 crossing2-225x225 crossing3-225x225 crossing4-225x225 crossing5-225x225 crossing6-225x225
Touring the Bay and the Port of Oakland:
cruising1-225x225 cruising2-225x225 cruising3-225x225 cruising4-225x225 cruising5-225x225 cruising6-225x225
The American Flag: