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Liftech Consultants Inc. and McKay International Engineers are Merging

Liftech Consultants Inc. and McKay International Engineers are excited to announce the merger of our industry-leading engineering and project management expertise in the maritime and material handling sectors.  After 52 years of working closely together on hundreds of projects, McKay and Liftech have formally merged our companies to serve our clients’ structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering needs as a single entity,…

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Yinan Guo Receives PE License

Structural designer Yinan Guo received her California civil engineer license on June 22, 2021.  She is experienced in finite element analysis, stress and fatigue analysis, crane and wharf seismic interaction analysis, and crane seismic analysis.  She has worked on several wharf projects, including performing girder and pile calculations. When we asked Yinan what she did to celebrate, she said, “I…

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Massport Low Profile Cranes Arrive in Boston

Congratulations to the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) on the delivery of three new low profile cranes to the Port of Boston on June 22nd!  At 205 feet tall, two of the cranes are the tallest low profile cranes in the world and will service container ships holding 12,000 to 14,000 TEUs.  Liftech is excited to see Massport and ZPMC’s many…

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Liftech Shanghai Limited Celebrates Five Years

Liftech Consultants is pleased to announce the five-year anniversary of Liftech Shanghai Ltd. Having an affiliate in Shanghai allows Liftech to offer clients a broader range of services and to improve the communication and workflow with crane manufacturers in Asia. The office started with Project Engineer/General Manager, Alex Huang, and in the past five years has added Quality Control Engineer, Hank…

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Liftech Celebrates 55 Years

How do we feel about 55 years in business?  During a speech last year, our founder Mike Jordan said it this way, “It’s been fun solving so many challenges with the help of so many great engineers and great clients.”  We would like to thank our many friends for contributing to and sharing our successes the past 55 years.  We are also excited…

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Crucible Team Building Experience

Liftech spent a team building afternoon at The Crucible, an industrial arts school and nonprofit organization in Oakland. The combined group had lunch together, played an ice breaker game, and then divided into two groups.   One group learned how to cut glass, worked on individual pieces of a larger container crane mosaic, and at the end combined the pieces.  Most of…

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