Category: Heavy Lift & Rigging Projects

Round Mountain Tunnel Relocation, Nevada

Global Rigging & Transport, LLC (GRT) was retained to relocate four concrete tunnel sections within the Round Mountain gold mine facility in Nevada. Each tunnel section, weighing up to 1,100 tons, was lifted using a special purpose transporter, moved along approximately 1.5 kilometers of the terrain with slopes of up to 5%, and set at the new location.

Giant Specialty Derrick Cranes

With a lifting capacity of 660 tons, the Columbia Giant meets the safety requirements for the Atomic Energy Commission heavy lifting projects. The derrick sits on a steel grillage on an existing dock so it can be slid out of the way when not in use. The pipe compression struts are above grade and can be disassembled. The boom and poles can be removed or reused for other derrick or gin pole applications.

Crane Move System

Liftech designed a crane move system for moving container cranes that was easy to ship and assemble. Liftech designed a modular system with container sized components for shipping. The system can be assembled away from a crane, allowing the crane to continue working until it is moved. The container crane is secured to the system with four pins and lifted for transport.

AmClyde Floating Cranes

AmClyde supplied two semi-submersible vessels with twin revolving derricks of 6,000 t and 7,000 t capacity each. Liftech was part of the AmHoist design team and assisted in designing the crane booms. Reference: AmHoist St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Coal Loader Crane Assembly and Transportation

The crane was designed by Krupp, built in Malaysia, and shipped in pieces to Los Angeles. Bickerton Iron Works was responsible for assembling the crane and transporting it from the assembly site to the LAXT terminal. Liftech provided engineering assistance for the assembly of the crane and devised a scheme to connect two barges and roll the crane onto them.

Staples Center Roof Erection

Staples Center, completed in 1999, is the home of the LA Lakers, Clippers, and Kings. Bickerton Iron Works was the rigging contractor selected to assemble, erect, and rig the roof structure. Liftech was retained by Bickerton as the structural engineer.