Author: L Weber

Moffett Field Hangar, Overall Project, Mountain View, California

At more than 1,000 feet long, 250 feet wide, and 170 feet tall each, two blimp hangars constructed in the 1940s at Moffett Field are among the world’s largest clear-span timber structures. One of these hangars had significant damage to many of its timber truss arches, and the damage was progressing along the length of the hangar to the extent that there was concern the hangar, or portions of it, could collapse. Power retained Liftech to design systems to stabilize and provide access so Power could safely perform repairs.

Moffett Field Hangar, Access Shoring Tower System, Mountain View, California

Liftech designed an access shoring tower system and strand jack assembling system. The access system is 80 feet x 80 feet x 130 feet tall. It is designed to shore and jack the hangar roof from its deck and facilitate access to the roof with an array of equipment on its deck including lifts and cranes. It is designed for asymmetric shoring, can resist large lateral loads, and can tip onto one side in an earthquake.

Anna’s Gingerbread Crane

Liftech structural engineer Anna Dix spent part of her holiday making a gingerbread crane.  It is modeled after the ZPMC low profile container cranes she worked on that were recently delivered to Port Everglades in Florida (see Liftech’s related News post here:  In real life, they are the largest ever of this type of crane.  The boom on this…

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Congratulations to our New Associates!

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new associates: Lu Yan and Tais Shiratsubaki. Lu has been with Liftech 4 years.  She is a registered professional engineer experienced in project management, structural analysis, design review, and feasibility studies of container cranes and other structures.  Her work also includes container crane design and review, container crane relocation feasibility studies,…

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Liftech Shanghai Limited Celebrates Five Years

Liftech Consultants is pleased to announce the five-year anniversary of Liftech Shanghai Ltd. Having an affiliate in Shanghai allows Liftech to offer clients a broader range of services and to improve the communication and workflow with crane manufacturers in Asia. The office started with Project Engineer/General Manager, Alex Huang, and in the past five years has added Quality Control Engineer, Hank…

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San Francisco Public Works, Fire Boat Station 35 at Port of San Francisco Piers 22.5 and 24, San Francisco, California

Liftech works on many steel and concrete float and pier projects for new and existing ferry and container terminals. A related ongoing project is the design and fabrication review of a floating fire station in San Francisco. Liftech is the lead marine design consultant for this design-build project and has designed a steel pier next to The Embarcadero; a steel…

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Yinan Guo Joins Liftech

Ms. Guo is an engineer in training. She has a BS in civil engineering from Tongji University, Shanghai, and an MS in civil engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Coursework included dynamics of structures, earthquake-resistant design, nonlinear structural analysis, design of steel and composite structures, reinforced concrete structures, prestressed concrete structures, and wood structures. Professional experience includes finite element…

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