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Our offices are located in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood, adjacent to the world-renowned Kaiser Center Roof Garden.

Liftech Consultants Inc.
344 — 20th Street, Suite 360
Oakland, CA 94612-3593

Tel: 1-510-832-5606
Email: [email protected]

To reach an individual by phone, please use the main telephone number and the respective extension number from the list below.

120Arun Bhimani[email protected]
109Anna Dix[email protected]
113Alvin Hoffpauir[email protected]
125Alex Neira[email protected]
153Alex Vazquez[email protected]
104Betty Mah[email protected]
107Cathy Morris[email protected]
108Derrick Lind[email protected]
115Di Liu[email protected]
152Diana Tsang[email protected]
121Erik Soderberg[email protected]
103Joan Gilbert[email protected]
110Jonathan Hsieh[email protected]
116Kenton Lee[email protected]
151Linda Weber[email protected]
117Leah Olson[email protected]
112Lu Yan[email protected]
122 Mike Jordan[email protected]
102Patrick McCarthy[email protected]
101Simo Hoite[email protected]
118Sugi Loni[email protected]
150Teresa Ferguson[email protected]
114Tais Shiratsubaki[email protected]
111Yinan Guo[email protected]

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Liftech Response Protocol for Client Emergencies

This document clarifies how to contact Liftech if services are required on short notice, such as after an earthquake or accident. Please enter the lowercase password you received from Liftech.

Liftech Contact Protocol for Emergency Response

For the password, email, call, or text:

Erik Soderberg
[email protected]
Tel: 1-510-593-1024

Teresa Ferguson
[email protected]
Tel: 1-510-292-5211