Category: Cranes: Procurement and New Development

Evolution of STS Cranes

In this article, Mike Jordan speculates on some of the issues facing crane designers over the next decade and also puts forward a concept that may offer a viable solution.

Colossal Cranes

This presentation discusses Liftech’s structural engineering design services for a variety of colossal cranes and includes some of the basic design issues associated with these cranes.

Increasing Crane Productivity

This presentation discusses emerging tandem 40 dual hoist systems being developed to reduce the vessel time at the berth, and addresses some considerations at the crane-yard interface.

A Few Facts About Jumbo Cranes

Jumbo Cranes—cranes with outreaches of 60 meters or more, lifts above the crane rail of 46 meters, and capacities of 60, 80, 100, and 120 tons—are already built or being built. Why?